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Thank you for visiting the Personal Radiation Detection, "PRD" website... we hope you enjoy your visit. If there is anything you are looking for and don’t see or just have comments or suggestions we want to hear from you. 

PRD is part of a family owned and operated private company. The parent company; Perpetual Solutions Group was founded through local consulting efforts and fueled by our passion for learning and helping others. While every segment of the company has unique and otherwise different characteristics all have quite similar missions; to identify and help emerging and reemerging technologies find their way into anyone’s hands who wish to do good with them while being conscientious about our environment, how we conduct ourselves, and treat others. 

From government and law enforcement agencies to industrial, commercial, and consumer products and applications fundamentally sound and healthy intentions support everything we do.

Please do take a moment to learn more about other divisions of our organization. We are highly motivated and believe in inclusion rather than exclusion. We warmly embrace all our relationships and are excited to cultivate new ones. You are invited to reach out to us anytime; new customers, partners, and inquiring minds alike.

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