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1703MO-1 PRD
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gamma detector and dosimeter for automobiles PM 1703MO-1

This device is perfect for first responders or anyone serious about radiation detection with the
ability to gauge present maximum total dose and or time remaining to continue working in or have exposure to radioactive environments. Ease of use, detection sensitivity, high upper range limits, and durability under harsh environmental conditions make the Model 1703MO-1 essential for those working in emergency services, hazardous materials, counter-terrorism, border patrol, law enforcement, military, or medical and industrial applications. The 1703MO-1 dosimeter can monitor
a perimeter in real time and export data to a command center for scrutinizing analysis with several optional transmitters.
•  Hospitals and Medical Facilities
•  Nuclear Power Plants
•  Industrial Monitoring
•  Research Laboratories
•  Customs and Border Patrol
•  Medical Facilities
•  Homeland Security
•  Counter Terrorism
•  Fire and Law Enforcement
•  Security Personnel at Monuments, Stadiums, Arenas, and Convention Centers
•  World’s smallest dual-detector design meeting ANSI standards 42.32 and 42.33 for
dosimeters and personal radiation detectors
•  Reliable, rugged, water resistant design developed to meet IEC 61526, IP65, and ANSI N42.42 standards for radiation survey instruments, weather resistant enclosures, and accurate collection and storage of critical information
•  Detects small traces of radiation in pedestrians, vehicles, parcels, or just about anything you can imagine
•  Vehicle mountable for hands free mobile detection in adjacent vehicles and pedestrians passing by
•  Loud, silent, visual, and vibrating alarm modes
•  Dosimeter logs accurate accumulated dose history with adjustable settings and threshold preferences
•  Equipped with several optional data transmitters for fixed point or wireless communications with a monitoring network
•  Command center software with building/perimeter mapping or GPS modules is available.
•  Over 1000 hours of use on a single AA battery

CsI (T1) scintillator/ Geiger-Muller tube

Seneitivity (for Cs-137): 1 cps/(µR/h) (100 cps/(µSv/h))

Sensitivity (for Am-241): 0.7 cps/(µR/h) (70 cps/(µSv/h))

Energy Range (measurement mode): 60 keV – 1.33 MeV Meets ANSI 42.33 – 2003 (5.3.9);

Energy Range (search mode): ANSI 42.33 – 2005 (6.3.1.) requirements 60 keV – 3.0 MeV

DER Measurement Range: 10µR/h – 10 R/h

DER Indication Range: 1 µR/h – 999 R/h

Maximum permissible intrinsic relative error of DER measurement:

          ±(20+ K/H) %,
          Where H – DER value, mR/h;
          K – coefficient 0.5 mR/h

DE Measurement Range: 10 µR – 999 R

DE Indication Range: 0 µR – 999 R

Maximum permissible intrinsic relative error of DE measurement in measurement range: ±20%

Response time (time to alarm) at dose rate increase by 50 µR/h for 0/5 seconds produced by Cs-137: 2 seconds
*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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