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PalmRAD 1621M
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gamma detector and dosimeter for automobiles 1621M

Simple to use with advanced features the PalmRAD 1621M is ideal for the non-technical user. This device was designed for government and law enforcement but due to its affordability it has
become an ideal choice for civilian use.

This unit can monitor wide areas and clips to your belt, belt loop, or the like. Highly shock resistant
and watertight construction makes the 1621M great for those that work or venture into rugged environments. Choose discrete vibration or an audible alarm for radiation alerts.

This radiation detection device meets IEC 61526 standards for radiation protection survey instruments and can record and store up to 1000 incident histories in the non-volatile memory.
All data can be easily transmitted to a PC through the IR-channel for processing.
•  Hospitals
•  Nuclear Power Plants
•  Radiation Safety Officers
•  Industrial Monitoring
•  Government Research Labs
•  University Labs
•  X-Ray Technicians
•  Waste Processing
•  Detects and Measures Gamma Radiation
•  Clips to Belt
•  Shock Resistant and Watertight Construction
•  Vibrate or Audible Alerting
•  Record and Store up to 1000 Incidents
•  Sync to PC with IR-Channel

Geiger-Muller tube

Dose equivalent rate measurement range (DER): 10µR/hr - 100R/hr (0.1 µSv/hr - 1 Sv/hr)

Hp(10): n/a

Energy Range: 10.0 KeV - 20.0 MeV

Energy response relative to 0,662 MeV (Cs-137) within the full energy range: ±30%

Drop Test on Concrete Floor: 0.7 m

Protection Class: IP67

Environmental Tolerances:

     Temperature: from - 40 up to + 60 °C
     Relative Humidity: up to 98% at 35 °C

Power SUpply: One AA alkaline battery

Battery lifetime (at natural conditions): 12 months

Battery discharge indication: LCD indication

Dimensions: 3.42" x 2.83" x 1.38" (87mm x 72mm x 35mm)

Weight (with battery), no more than: .3lbs (150g)

Additional Functions: PC communication mode
*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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